Discovery Lab

Kitbashive is devoted to exploring the fringes of the creative landscape and sharing our discoveries. We do this by designing and building interactive architecture, music visualization, and procedural art.

Featured Work

Object + Space Design

Interactive Installations

Music Visualization


We are passionately compelled to explore the extents of creativity. But the discovery of strange terrain is a fleeting joy. Sharing the discovery with others let’s it live indefinitely, especially when others are inspired to explore themselves.

Experience Design

The best experiences allow people to participate in creativity, not just observe it. We design active experiences.

Virtual Design

Our computers allow us to make something out of nothing. And now we enjoy making things that make things out of nothing.

Object Design

Although the bulk of our recent work has been environmental, we still enjoy creating objects.

Digitally Enhanced Architecture

VR headsets will soon be ubiquitous. Let’s take this last opportunity to infuse physical architecture with bits of virtual voodoo and keep us millennials out of the matrix a little bit longer.

Generative Music Visualization

Graphic animation can be as much of a performance instrument as a guitar. We develop and perform audio-reactive visuals procedurally designed to be an integral part of the musical experience.

Computer-Aided Fabrication

Kitbashive is built on a foundation of product design and manufacture, and small scale architectural design and fabrication. Parametric modelling, programming, and CNC machines are at the heart of our work.