Kitbashive Discovery Lab

I am devoted to exploring the fringes of the creative landscape and sharing my discoveries. I do this by designing and building digitally-enhanced interactive architecture and experiences.

Featured Work

Procedural Design

Procedural design remains at the core of my creations, whether it be for maximizing efficiency, or informing design aesthetics. I like to make CNC machines do great work.

Object Design

From mass-produced product design, to custom installation, I focus on beautiful integration of materials and user experience. Kitbashive is built on a foundation of product design and manufacturing, and small scale architectural design and fabrication.

Experience Design

The best experiences allow people to participate in creativity, not just observe it. I design active experiences.

Object + Space Design

Interactive Installations

Music Visualization

We are passionately compelled to explore the extents of creativity, but the discovery of strange terrain is a fleeting joy. Sharing the discovery with others let’s it live indefinitely, especially when others are inspired to explore themselves.

let's go exploring