The name Kitbashive is meant to describe an artistic philosophy and process inspired by sci-fi model designers and embraced by Ian LeBlanc– a quiet young man caught up in a love-hate relationship with his computer. He keeps trying to tell it what to do, but it only listens sometimes. When it does as it’s told, it makes textural mishmashes of bits and pieces that Ian harvests from the bright minds around him, and these days it prefers to do so in real time at 60 frames per second.

Ian’s background is in concocting small-scale physical architectures and experiences, and now includes the digital realm as an integral component of those experiences.

Kitbashive has migrated from (505) to (503) and is working with a network of builders and creators, including MC Laser Labs and Glowbox, in order to explore new terrain. Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate!